Investment-linked lifetime annuity
An investment-linked income stream that pays you for life

investment linked lifetime annuity

investment linked lifetime annuity


One of the key challenges facing Australians in retirement is managing the risk of outliving their savings and suffering a reduction in lifestyle, known as longevity risk. Many Australians manage this risk by reducing their spending in retirement, living more frugally than they should, and missing out on some of the good things in life. In their later years, many Australians look back with regret, and wish they had spent more in their earlier and more active years. 

To help address this issue and provide an alternative retirement income solution, Generation Life is proud to soon be offering a new investment-linked lifetime annuity for Australian retirees. Becoming available through financial advisers in the first half of 2022, Generation Life’s investment-linked lifetime annuity will provide:

  • Income that is guaranteed for life.
  • An income stream linked to the performance of investment markets.
  • Potential access to some or more of the Age Pension and other social security benefits.

Further information about the product will be available on our website and from your financial adviser on launch*.


*Subject to regulatory approval


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