Helping with aged care benefits and pensions

Manage your income to improve pension entitlements and reduce the increasing costs of aged-care resident fees. When combined with a private trust, a LifeBuilder investment may improve pension recipient entitlements and also help reduce aged-care resident fees.

Helping improve your benefit

  • Seamless Solution

    LifeBuilder makes it simple to set up your own trust to hold your investment and manage your income levels to help qualify for pension entitlements or reduced aged-care resident fees. There’s no additional cost involved.

  • Full control over your investment

    Provides the flexibility to change investment options or make withdrawals if and when you need to.

  • No paperwork or stress

    There is no need for you to keep separate accounting and tax records normally needed when establishing your own private trust.

Benefits of LifeBuilder

  • Start investing with as little as $1,000
  • Regular savings plan with the ability to automatically increase your contribution levels each year
  • 37 investment options to choose from with the flexibility to switch between investments at any time with no switching fee or personal tax consequences
  • Access to your funds at any time
  • A simple and easy way to pass on wealth to the next generation utilising our EstatePlanner feature
  • Build wealth over the long-term with tax effective benefits

No contribution caps

Tax effective investing

Access to funds at any time

Looking to get started?

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