Providing your child a financial head start

One of the best ways you can give a child a financial head start in life, is to invest in their education.

The cost of funding a child’s primary, secondary and tertiary education costs can be significant, especially if you are considering private schooling. This can be as much as $500,000 for a child over his or her total schooling life.

Education costs continue to increase with changes in Government school funding expected to put even further upward pressure on school fees.

Starting a savings program early on can significantly help in reducing the future financial burden of education costs. With a regular savings plan and the power of compounding investment returns, ChildBuilder is the ideal solution to save for and fund education costs in a tax-effective environment.

Providing a helping hand

Help save and pay for a child's education costs

  • Regular Savings Plan

    Start investing as early as possible and use a regular savings plan to help achieve your goal.

  • Compounding investment returns

    Start your investment early and benefit from the power of compounding investment returns.

  • Tax-effective investing

    Using a ChildBuilder can provide tax advantages for long-term investors.

  • You have full control

    If, for whatever reason, you don't need to fund for a child's education, you can use the funds for your own purposes.

  • Passing on your wealth

    ChildBuilder lets you fund a child’s future with certainty. You can transfer wealth to a child without the uncertainties and complexities of Wills.

Benefits of ChildBuilder

  • Start investing with as little as $1,000
  • Regular savings plan with the ability to automatically increase your contribution levels each year
  • Nominate intended uses of the funds (eg school fees)
  • 37 investment options to choose from
  • Flexibility to switch between investments at any time with no switching fee or personal tax consequences
  • Access to your funds at any time
  • A simple and easy way to pass on wealth to the next generation (EstatePlanner feature)
  • Build wealth over the long-term with tax effective benefits

Build your investment with a regular savings plan and use the power of compounding investment returns

Tax-effective investing

Control and flexibility, with full access at any time

Looking to get started?

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