Smart, tax-effective investing for higher income earners

A tax-effective investment solution for investors on a marginal tax rate higher than 30%.

LifeBuilder pays tax at a maximum rate of 30%, with potential to be less depending on your choice of investments.

A simple and effective way to build wealth without incurring any personal tax.

LifeBuilder can also be held in a private or family trust arrangement to manage distributable income levels.

Building wealth tax-effectively

  • No income to declare

    Provided you hold your entire investment for at least 10 years, there’s no additional personal tax to pay and no need to declare any income in your annual tax return.

  • Choice of more than 37 investment options

    A range of investment options to choose from, with the freedom to switch at any time with no capital gains distributed.

  • Effective tax rate can be lower

    The maximum tax rate payable by LifeBuilder is 30%. This rate can be lower depending on the investments you choose and the level of tax credits they earn.

Benefits of LifeBuilder

  • Start investing with as little as $1,000
  • Regular savings plan with the ability to automatically increase your contribution levels each year
  • 37 investment options to choose from with the flexibility to switch between investments at any time with no switching fee or personal tax consequences
  • Access to your funds at any time
  • A simple and easy way to pass on wealth to the next generation utilising our EstatePlanner feature
  • Build wealth over the long-term with tax effective benefits

No income to declare

Choice of 37 investment options

Effective tax rate can be lower

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