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Information portal with live data, to assist with the management and administration of your client’s investment portfolio and to forecast expected outcomes using our calculators.

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Generation Life offers you the flexibility to choose the right investment options to suit your financial goals. You have the choice of 37 investment options, covering a range of risk profiles and asset classes giving you the flexibility to diversify your investments.

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Online access to a comprehensive range of reports, online charts, technical resources and calculators to help you identify how an investment bond can help you meet your clients financial needs.

Financial advisers can look at funds under advice held, specific investments, client investment returns, client details and transaction details. 

Our technical resources are designed to help financial advisers with compliance and reporting obligations. 

We understand that finding the right investment partner for your clients’ financial future is important to you. 


Generation Life represents our vision of being the leading provider of investment solutions for all generations, through their various life stages. Our aim is to provide simple and effective investment solutions to reduce complexity and make doing business easier for you.

As the pioneer of Australia’s first truly flexible investment bond, we have been at the forefront of providing innovating tax-effective solutions for over 17 years. Our goal is to provide simple and effective investment solutions to reduce complexity and make doing business easier for you.

We’re a leading specialist provider of investment solutions with over $1.8b invested to date with us. We’re also a regulated life insurance company with our parent company also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Our products have been rated Highly Recommended by Zenith Investment Partners for over 10 years straight.*

As the original innovator in providing flexible investment bonds solutions, we continually strive to provide you with solutions that meet your clients’ needs both for today and tomorrow.

  • stepped feature financial adviser

    stepped feature financial adviser

    stepped feature financial adviser

    stepped feature financial adviser
  • Our products

    Our investment bonds are designed to provide tax effective investment solutions to your client’s real life challenges with flexibility and control.


    Our products

  • LifeBuilder

    LifeBuilder offers a simple, tax effective investment solution for building your client’s long-term wealth and provides certainty for how their wealth will be passed on.



  • ChildBuilder

    ChildBuilder allows your clients to invest in a child’s future tax-effectively, whilst still maintaining flexibility, access and control for unexpected life events.



  • FuneralBond

    FuneralBond is a simple and tax effective way to help meet your client’s future funeral costs, with no age or health restrictions and ease the burden for those they leave behind.



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