Planning for your funeral can ease the burden for those you leave behind

FuneralBond is a simple and tax effective way to help meet your future funeral costs, with no age or health restrictions. You can incorporate the investment as part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement and there is also the potential to improve pension benefits.

  • Why choose a FuneralBond? There are many reasons why planning for your funeral can be a positive experience rather than just an uncomfortable conversation. By investing in a FuneralBond you’re taking the pressure off your family when the time comes. With no age or health restrictions, you can also choose to incorporate the investment as part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement.

    Why choose a FuneralBond?

  • Tax-effective

    FuneralBond investments are taxed at a maximum effective rate of 30%, making it a tax effective way to save for future funeral expenses or to fund a pre-paid funeral. Plus, you’re not required to report any investment returns in your annual personal tax return.


  • Social security advantages

    Up to a certain limit ($13,500 as at 1 July 2021), a FuneralBond is exempt from the Centrelink and the Department of Veterans' Affairs assets test as well as the income test that applies to the age pension, service pension and other means tested Government entitlements.

    Social security advantages

  • Express your wishes

    You can transfer the ownership of a FuneralBond as a pre-paid funeral arrangement to a funeral director of your choice. This transfer of ownership normally occurs without personal tax or capital gains tax implications.

    Express your wishes

Product features

Start investing with as little as $1,000

A large range of investment options to choose from with the ability to switch between options without personal tax consequences


A Regular Savings Plan

No age or health restrictions apply, unlike funeral insurance

Opportunity to transfer ownership to a funeral director of your choice