The smart way to give a child a financial head start

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or someone who cares deeply about a child in your life, there’s no doubt investing in their future is one of the best things you can do for them. Give them a financial head start with a ChildBuilder bond.

  • Why choose ChildBuilder? Raising a child can be expensive. ChildBuilder is a great way to create wealth for the children in your life for a dedicated purpose. You may want to provide for their education, help them buy a home or both. Plus, ChildBuilder is there to help you do it in a tax effective way, while still flexible enough to handle any of life’s unexpected moments.

    Why choose ChildBuilder?

  • Give them the best education

    Everyone recognises the importance of giving a child a good education, which is why ChildBuilder can be used by anyone looking to support a child through their learning. ChildBuilder can be set up for anyone under 16 with ownership being transferred at an age set by you between 10 and 25.

    Give them the best education

  • Help them onto the property ladder

    Buying that first home isn’t easy, a fact of modern life that’s not looking like it will change anytime soon. ChildBuilder can help the children in your life reach that first home goal easily. Not only is it a tax effective way of saving, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’ve helped provide security and a financial launch pad for the rest of their life.

    Help them onto the property ladder

  • Pass on your wealth

    ChildBuilder is a simple way of structuring inheritances for children, without the complication of a will. ChildBuilder enables you to target the transfer of your wealth to a specific child and you can choose at what age the ownership of your investment is transferred. Prior to transfer, you have complete control and flexibility over your investment.

    Pass on your wealth

Product Features

Start investing with as little as $1,000

Can invest a single amount or can choose to add to your initial investment each year

A large range of investment options to choose from with the ability to switch between options without personal tax consequences


Ability to automatically increase your contribution levels each year

Access to your funds at any time

Nominate intended use of the funds (e.g. school fees, home deposit)

Control how much a child can access each year

No additional fees or charges or tax implications once ownership is transferred

How much can an investment bond increase your return?

Assumes a pre-tax return of 7% p.a. for an investor on a marginal tax rate of 47%. Investment returns are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any actual or future performance expectations. Increased return is calculated based on original investment of $250,000.