A flexible and tax-effective solution to building your wealth, your way

Achieving your financial goals is not only satisfying, it also holds the key to your financial freedom. Whether you’re looking to create wealth tax effectively, save for retirement, transfer wealth with certainty or looking for an alternative to superannuation we have the perfect solution.

  • Why choose LifeBuilder? Ready to invest in you or your family’s future? LifeBuilder offers a simple, tax-effective investment solution for building long-term wealth and providing certainty for how your wealth is passed on.

    Why choose LifeBuilder?

  • An alternative to superannuation

    With restrictions now placed on accumulating wealth through your superannuation fund, it’s good to have other options on how much you can save for retirement. Investing with LifeBuilder means you have no limits or restrictions to your contributions and your wealth is easily accessible whenever you need it. It’s your money, after all.

    An alternative to superannuation

  • Tax-effective for high earners

    If you’re a high income earner, high income tax rates impact your investment returns, and therefore your ability to build wealth. With LifeBuilder all earnings are taxed at an effective rate of up to 30%, making it a tax-effective investment solution. And if you hold your investment for 10 years you’ll pay no additional tax on your investment earnings.

    Tax-effective for high earners

  • Planning your estate

    Transferring your wealth, or making future plans for your family, doesn’t have to be a complicated process. LifeBuilder provides simple and convenient options around how your wealth is passed on. You decide exactly when your wealth will be passed on (with its valuable tax benefits maintained), and how much beneficiaries can access in the future.

    Planning your estate

Product features

A large range of investment options to choose from with the ability to switch between options without personal tax consequences

Start with as little as $1,000

Can invest a single amount or can choose to add to your initial investment each year

Access to your funds at any time

Tax-effectiveness that can improve the longer you remain invested

Easily set up a Regular Savings Plan

Automatically increase your contribution levels each year

Flexibility to switch between investment options with no personal tax implications

Easy to pass on wealth to the next generation with EstatePlanner

Help manage income tested Government benefit entitlements

How much can an investment bond increase your return?

Assumes a pre-tax return of 7% p.a. for an investor on a marginal tax rate of 47%. Investment returns are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any actual or future performance expectations. Increased return is calculated based on original investment of $250,000.