Saving for funeral costs

Saving for your funeral expenses is a practical and thoughtful gesture for those left behind. While it can often be an uncomfortable topic, planning for a funeral can help ease the financial stress on your family during the grieving process.

FuneralBond is specifically designed to help you meet the costs of your funeral.

Helping you with the costs of your funeral

  • Tax advantages

    You can invest, tax-effectively, with no need to report your investment returns in your annual personal tax return.

  • Social security advantages

    If you receive an age pension, service pension or other means-tested Government benefit your level of benefits could be improved.

  • Pre-planning a funeral

    If you want to pre-plan your funeral the investment can be used as part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement with a funeral director of your choice.

Key Features

  • Start investing with as little as $1,000
  • Regular savings plan
  • Tax-effective with no personal income tax
  • No age or health restrictions apply, unlike funeral insurance
  • 37 investment options, including term deposits

Tax-effective investments

Social security benefits

Can be used with a pre-paid funeral arrangement

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