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The important role of financial advice

The important role of financial advice

The important role of financial advice

Everyone's objectives for leaving a legacy are as different as each of their life stories.

Your financial adviser is best placed to work with you to build a long term strategy for building, protecting, leaving and preserving your legacy in a way that suits your goals, with both control and flexibility.

“There’s a great saying: good advice doesn’t cost, it saves."

Noel Whittaker, Finance and Investment Expert

Financial decisions can be overwhelming but financial advisers can help make the complex simple. They are ideally placed to explain the investment process, help you spend your retirement savings with peace of mind, and manage family and estate planning issues, ensuring your sense of obligation to your loved ones doesn't reduce your own living standards.

Financial advisers also have the knowledge and training to understand the right combination of retirement income products to suit older Australians' retirement needs and lifestyle desires.

"Partnering with a financial adviser is vitally important to help all Australians meet their legacy goals. Our Reimagining Legacy research identified a clear knowledge gap amongst the Australian population around which financial products can be used to achieve their objectives. Financial Advisers are the key to supporting clients in achieving their financial goals, identifying the best way to meet them and tackling challenges along the way, whether that’s ensuring they won’t run out of money during retirement or that their legacy will be passed on in the way they want in a tax optimised and effective way."

Felipe Araujo, Executive Director and General Manager


“There’s a great saying: good advice doesn’t cost, it saves.”

Our goal at Generation Life

At Generation Life, we know financial advisers play a crucial role in building, protecting, leaving and preserving the wealth of Australians.

Over the next decade as individuals’ wealth grows, the opportunity to leave a legacy for the following generation(s) will increase in importance.  Financial advice will become even more imperative.

We’re here to help make a real difference to the financial future of Australians and ensure their wealth is transferred their way.

Speak to your financial adviser to find out more

Speak to your financial adviser today to find out more about Generation Life’s innovative investment solutions to help you leave your legacy with certainty and peace of mind.

Are you a financial adviser?

Are you ready to help your clients build, protect, leave and preserve their wealth their way? Our aim is to help you plan for tomorrow for all generations and provide excellent ongoing advice. Download our Reimagining Legacy Research report to read more about our research insights.

Alternatively, book a consultation with one of our expert team members today to learn more about our innovative and flexible investment solutions as well as our range of calculators, resources and educational materials available for you on Adviser Online.