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19 June 2023   8 min read

A guide to Tax Aware investing

19 June 2023 • 8 min read

At Generation Life, we are focused on continuing to offer innovative ways to build an optimistic future for our investors and supporting financial advisers, through a new way of tax aware investing.

That's why we’re thrilled to partner with Financial Standard to bring you the Financial Standard Guide to Tax Aware Investing proudly supported by Generation Life.

Taxes are often the largest costs clients will incur on their investments. This is why when it comes to making any investment decision, it’s important to be aware of the impact of tax on your clients’ overall investment performances.

We understand that tax awareness is essential to maximising investment returns and we’re passionate about continuing to innovate to increase investors’ returns and lower tax.

Our proven and market leading tax smart approach allows us to significantly reduce the impact of tax on your clients’ returns. The compounding effect of reducing your clients’ tax liabilities consistently over time, helps your clients’ reach their financial goals sooner.

This valuable resource tool includes:

  • An overview of tax aware investing, why it matters and how it works

  • Who can benefit from tax aware investing

  • Featurette: How Tax Aware Investing can achieve a variety of goals

  • Potential costs of tax aware investing

  • Case Study 1: Estate Planning with financial adviser, Esther Althaus from Perspective Financial Services

  • Case Study 2: Tax Aware Investing with financial adviser, Claire Williams from Gild Group

Given the recently announced changes to superannuation, we see Tax Aware Investing as an even bigger opportunity for Australian investors.

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If you’re a financial adviser, download this valuable resource tool to help you understand how best to reduce the impact of tax on your clients’ investment returns.