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27 March 2024   12 min read

Mumbrella CommsCon Award 2024 - Best B2B Campaign

27 March 2024 • 12 min read

Generation Life is honoured to have been awarded the Best B2B Campaign alongside Sefiani at this year’s Mumbrella 2024 CommsCon Awards for our recent Reimagine Legacy research report.

This award recognises Generation Life’s efforts towards helping Australians ‘Reimagine Legacy’ ahead of the nation’s biggest ever intergenerational wealth transfer in history.

Helping Australians reimagine their legacy

Leaving a legacy for those that matter most is one of the most emotional life goals Australians will ever work towards. Helping them achieve this is something we’ve been particularly focused on when building our investment solutions.

Our Generation Life Reimagining Legacy campaign aims to help the ever stretched financial advisers be empowered to help their clients to reimagine their life’s legacies.

$224 billion in inheritances to be transferred by 2050

Australia’s ageing population means we will soon see significant wealth being transferred with $224 billion in inheritances expected to be passed between generations yearly from now until 2050¹.

Our Reimagining Legacy research, which formed the basis of our Reimagining Legacy campaign, discovered that even affluent Australians who are more likely to have investment support, are worried about the wealth transfer process, with many struggling to navigate challenges like complex family structures in their planning. There’s also low awareness of how to make the most of your money as you get older, including how proposed changes to superannuation will affect retirement savings.

The worrying research unveiled a country that sees its most precious life goals as tomorrow’s problem: 65% of Australians are confident they’ll leave a legacy for future generations – but only 14% have a plan on how to do so².

There’s also a knowledge gap, amongst Australian’s who over-rely on wills (49%) and superannuation (34%)², meaning many may be at risk of losing significant amounts of their estate through taxes, unnecessary fees, and heavy reliance.

Campaign objective

Our integrated campaign - Helping Australians ‘Reimagine Legacy’ Ahead of the Nation’s Biggest Ever Intergenerational Wealth Transfer - highlighted the importance of not putting off financial planning until tomorrow. At Generation Life, we aim to help you plan for a financial future in which you don’t just survive, you thrive. We’re here to support you, show you what a legacy can be  and simplify tough topics with innovative investment solutions.

How investment bonds can help you build, protect, leave and preserve a legacy

Building, protecting, leaving and preserving a legacy are the top financial goals for many Australians. Being able to leave their hard earned wealth to those they love according to their wishes is one of the top priorities for the population.

Generation Life’s new generation of investment bonds can help ensure that Australians can leave their legacy with certainty and peace of mind.

Speak to your financial adviser today to find out more about Generation Life’s new era of investment bonds and their unique tax structure to help you leave your legacy with certainty and peace of mind.

Are you a financial adviser?

Are you ready to help your clients discover the many benefits of investment bonds? Download our Reimagining Legacy Research report to read more about our research insights.

Generation Life’s new era of investment bonds can help your clients leave their legacy with certainty and peace of mind ensuring their wealth is transferred to the right people, at the right time with minimal fuss.

1. Vickovich, A. 2021, “Baby Boomers to pass on $224b a year by 2050”. 
2. Reimagining Legacy Research - Generation Life - June 2023.