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Tax-effective investing for all life stages

Generation Life provides a range of innovative tax-effective investment solutions designed to help you through various life stages and events.

Whether you’re interested in wealth creation, looking to pass on your wealth to the next generation, giving a child a financial head start, looking for an alternative to superannuation, or pre-planning a funeral - we have a solution for you.

LifeBuilder: putting you in control

A simple and tax-effective investment solution to build long-term wealth. LifeBuilder helps you achieve your financial goals; whether you’re a higher income earner, looking for an alternative to superannuation, or looking for certainty in how your wealth is passed on to the next generation.

ChildBuilder: provide a child the financial head start they deserve

A simple way to invest in a child’s future; whether you’re concerned with increasing costs of education, home affordability, or just want to provide a nest-egg for a child. ChildBuilder helps you invest in a child’s future tax-effectively, whilst still maintaining flexibility, access and control for unexpected life events.

FuneralBond: Planning for your funeral

Forward planning for your funeral can help ease the burden for those you have left behind. FuneralBond is a simple and tax-effective way to help meet your future funeral costs, with no age or health restrictions. You can incorporate the investment as part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement and there is also the potential to improve pension benefits.

Helping you achieve your financial goals

Achieving your financial goals can seem quite complex – these goals can also change with unexpected life moments. We make investing easy to understand and flexible. Our investment solutions are built on simplicity, innovation and value.

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