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Building and protecting a legacy

Building and protecting a legacy

Building and protecting a legacy

A legacy is not something you only think of late in life, its something that's built and protected over time.

Our recent Reimagining Legacy Research revealed that:

  • Over 80% of high net worth Australians intend to leave a legacy, yet only one in five have a plan to do so.
  • 67% of Australians feel confident about their ability to leave a legacy.
  • 70% of affluent Australians define legacy as passing on “memories, values and lessons” and 57% see it as a financial bequest to help build the foundations for the financial success of those around them.
  • 63% of Australians' children will be the recipients of their legacy.
  • 14% of Australians have a plan in place to leave a legacy, with the overall sentiment being that leaving a legacy is ‘tomorrow’s problem'.
  • 23% is the worryingly low percentage of Australians over-50, that have a plan in place to leave a legacy.
“The important thing here is to know the difference between a wish and a plan. It’s clear there are specific strategies that can be used to leave a legacy, but people need good advice to achieve them.”

Noel Whittaker, Finance and Investment expert


Building and protecting a legacy in a tax effective and controlled way needs to be a priority today - it can't be seen as tomorrow’s problem.

Control and certainty with investment bonds

Investment bonds offer a tax-effective investment solution if you’re seeking to build wealth outside super, with the added benefit of additional estate planning features offering control and certainty around how and when your wealth is transferred when you pass away.

Generation Life’s new era of investment bonds have been designed specifically to deliver superior after tax outcomes if you’re seeking to build wealth, transfer wealth and save for retirement and beyond. They offer a wide range of investment options across all major asset classes that are built to be tax efficient through our tax aware investment process. Our Tax Optimised investment options, the pinnacle of our tax aware investing can drive down the long term effective rate of tax to between 12-15%* for our growth focused investment options. The compounding effect can therefore be significant when building your legacy journey over time.

Key benefits of investment bonds

  • Tax effective and tax optimised which means tax can be optimised and returns increased
  • Can be built using a range of investment options to suit your needs and risk appetite
  • Flexible with no restrictions on accessing your funds or switching investment options
  • A great complementary option to have alongside your superannuation
  • Built around your wishes and less likely to be disputed after you pass away
  • A great alternative to super with no limits on how much and when you can contribute to your investment bond
  • They don't have to be reported in annual tax returns after 10 years


Speak to your financial adviser to find out more

For more information about Generation Life’s new era of investment bonds to help you build and protect your legacy, speak to your financial adviser.

Are you a financial adviser?

Are you ready to help your clients discover the many benefits of Generation Life's investment bonds? Download our Reimagining Legacy Research report to read more about our research insights.

Generation Life’s new generation of investment bonds can help your clients leave their legacy with certainty and peace of mind ensuring their wealth is transferred to the right people, at the right time with minimal fuss.

Alternatively, book a consultation with one of our expert team members today to learn more about our innovative investment-linked lifetime annuity.

* Capital losses refers to losses realised on the disposal of investments that are treated as a revenue loss for tax purposes. Indicative forecast effective average tax rates – these represent the estimated forecast average annual tax as a percentage of earnings for each 12-month period over a forecast period of 15 years. Actual tax amounts payable are not guaranteed and may vary from year to year based on the earnings of an investment option.