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Introducing a simpler, more intuitive online application form

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Standing by our commitment to continually innovate our service offering and improve your experience, we’re excited to announce some additional enhancements to our Investment Bonds online application form.


What’s improved?

Consolidation and smart fields

All required declarations have been consolidated into one page and additional smart fields have been added to pre-populate your information across various sections within the form. These enhancements simplify your data entry requirements, reducing potential errors and increasing efficiency, taking up less of your time.

One application form for multiple investments

Multiple LifeBuilders with different Future Event Facility instructions can now be included within the one online application. You will no longer need to complete multiple forms if you want to provide multiple Future Event Facility instructions - we have streamlined the process to save you time, especially for your client’s estate planning purposes where multiple investment bonds may be required.

Document checklist at the start of the application

To help you understand what documents are required from your client, when completing the application form, we’ve added a comprehensive list of required documents at the very start of the application process. This enables you to complete the form in a time-effective manner with minimal follow-ups.

Flexibility to save and skip sections

You now have the flexibility to save and skip banking detail sections of the application, allowing you to collect these details at a later stage. You also have the ability to share the application form with your client at any time.

Online signatures

Improvements have been made to simplify the navigation when providing online signatures in the application form.

Real time notifications and updates

When your client completes and submits an application that you have shared with them, you will receive an email notification that the application is ready for submission. You can conduct a final review of the fully completed application before submitting the form.

Improved privacy measures

To keep your client’s information more secure, you are now able to download a copy of the application form once it has been submitted. A PDF copy will no longer be emailed to you.

You can access the enhanced Generation Life Investment Bonds online application form directly by clicking here.


We’re here to help

If you have any questions about the enhanced online application form, contact our client and adviser services team. 

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