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Investment bonds: Ideal as a long term investment for your child’s future

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From the moment you become a parent or grandparent, you naturally want to do everything you can to give your child the best start in life.

With the increasing cost of education and home ownership, many parents and grandparents are looking for long term investment options for their child's future.       

An ideal long term investment for your child’s future

Our ChildBuilder investment bond helps to build your child’s wealth in a tax effective way and offers complete control over when you can access your funds. You can withdraw all or part of your ChildBuilder investment at any time. If you hold your investment for at least 10 years there is no personal tax payable on withdrawals paid after this time.  If you do make a withdrawal within the first 10 years then a compensating tax offset is available to offset any personal tax payable in the financial year the withdrawal was made. 

An investment bond can also be used as a simple way of structuring tax-free inheritances for children, without the common complexities of a will. The investor simply targets the transfer of their wealth to their child with the option to choose at what age the ownership of the investment is transferred and set specific limits of how much can be accessed.

Set your child up with a financial headstart as they enter adulthood

Investment bonds are a tax effective option to save for your child’s future. They do not distribute ‘taxable income’ unless a withdrawal is made within the first 10 years, so if you have a long term investment horizon in mind, investment bonds are a great way to give the child you love a financial headstart as they enter adulthood.

A ChildBuilder investment bond provides the flexibility to distribute funds to your child for a range of purposes. An investment bond could help your child gain access to the best education, help them buy their first home, or provide savings for other financial needs along the way. 

Setting up an investment bond for a child

With a wide range of investment options to choose from, you can get started today with an initial investment of just $1,000 and the option to increase your investment each year or invest a single amount as a one off investment. Generation Life’s ChildBuilder investment bond gives you the flexibility to be in control of your child’s investment. 

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