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Responsible Investing investment options

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At Generation Life, we are proud to offer an expanded menu of investment options constructed with the objective of investing in companies and assets that seek to improve outcomes for society, while also creating long-term investor value.

What is Responsible Investing?

At Generation Life, we define Responsible Investing as a strategy that considers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in the analysis, investment decisions and ownership of an investment.

Responsible Investing includes strategies with the objective of investing in companies and assets that improve long-term investor value while also taking a position to seek to improve outcomes for society.

ESG at the heart of strategy and design 

In designing and delivering our Responsible Investing investment menu, our approach includes careful consideration of sectors, industries and an organisation’s social impact targets through to the use of resources and governance practices. 

Our Responsible Investing investment menu is designed to provide a varied choice of options to cater for investors with different social values and investment objectives.

Responsible Investing investment managers

Generation Life offers Responsible Investing investment options managed by leading Australian and international fund managers. 

Our Responsible Investing investment menu provides a managed model portfolio option, where management, investment selection and asset allocation is undertaken by an independent investment consultant. This option provides a convenient way of accessing Responsible Investing strategies with a multi-manager approach designed to provide further diversification benefits.

Our approach to ensuring investment options remain sound 

Generation Life’s range of Responsible Investing investment options have been developed based on an approach of providing a diverse level of exposure to a number of Responsible Investing strategies, from asset/strategy specific through to multi-asset/multi-strategy approaches. 

Irrespective of the underlying strategies employed, the fundamental criteria of focusing on financial outcomes while considering the impact of the underlying investment on society must be demonstrated by investment managers as part of our review and monitoring process.

In monitoring our menu of Responsible Investing investment options, a number of quantitative and qualitative factors are considered by Generation Life’s investment team including:

  • ESG ratings from external data and research providers;
  • the level of integration of responsible investment principles into the investment manager’s processes; 
  • the investment manager’s capabilities;
  • performance track record (against stated objectives); and
  • other research undertaken by the team.
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