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14 October 2022   6 min read

AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Awards

14 October 2022 • 6 min read

Generation Life is extremely proud to have been recognised for our innovation in the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Awards. Generation Life is the only Life Insurance/Asset Management Company to be listed within the top 10 in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services category with LifeIncome, our investment-linked lifetime annuity.

We would like to thank all financial advisers, investors and the team at Generation Life for your ongoing support.

Congratulations to all the companies that made the Top 10 list this year!

LifeIncome - offering more income, more certainty, more flexibility and more choice

Generation Life is proud to be the first investment-linked lifetime annuity provider to offer 23 investment options and the ability to switch at almost any time, based on the investor's risk profile. This first-of-its-kind solution, enables investors the ease to focus on enjoying their retirement and not worry about running out of money too early. The 23 investment options and unique ability to switch at almost any time also offers Financial Advisers the opportunity for ongoing, valuable advice as their clients' risk profiles and income needs change over time.

LifeIncome has been designed to optimise an investor's retirement income and complement other retirement solutions such as account-based pensions. LifeIncome guarantees a regular income for life and when included as part of a comprehensive retirement portfolio, LifeIncome can deliver investors more income over their retirement.

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About Generation Life

As the pioneer of Australia’s first truly flexible investment bond, Generation Life has been at the forefront of providing innovative investment, estate planning and retirement solutions since 2004 with over $2.5 billion invested with us to date. We work with some of the leading Australian and international managers, as well as our own investment experts to provide investment choice and flexibility to meet the varied needs of investors.