Saving for retirement

Putting more money into Super is now more difficult than ever. Recent changes to Super rules means there are limits placed on how much you can invest into Super. LifeBuilder provides a tax-effective and easily accessible alternative to Super to save for retirement.

A flexible tax-effective alternative to Super.

  • Accessibility – you can get access to your money when you need it

    Unlike Super, you have unrestricted access to your investment with no preservation age, retirement or purpose test required. You can access your money before retirement if you need.

  • No contribution caps

    An investment solution with no restrictions, such as contribution caps, age limits or ‘work tests’.

  • The retirement rules don’t keep changing

    Unlike Super, the rules around how investments like LifeBuilder don’t continually change, so you know where you stand and can plan with certainty.

  • Tax effective investing

    LifeBuilder provides a tax-paid structure, similar to Super. The tax is paid within LifeBuilder at a maximum rate of 30%.

LifeBuilder: putting you in control

  • Start investing with as little as $1,000
  • Regular savings plan with the ability to automatically increase your contribution levels each year
  • 37 investment options to choose from with the flexibility to switch between investments at any time with no switching fee or personal tax consequences
  • Access to your funds at any time
  • A simple and easy way to pass on wealth to the next generation utilising our EstatePlanner feature
  • Build wealth over the long-term with tax effective benefits

No contribution caps

Tax effective investing

Access to funds at any time

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